Hi, welcome to the inner sanctum.

I was Born and raised in Rhode Island, and have been married to Beth (Elizabeth but don’t call her that) for 37 years.  We have three (Grown?) children, one girl and two boys.  And four grand children, three girls and one boy, I have discovered that Grandpa is the best title anyone could receive, you get all the fun, but no responsibility – kid needs -anything- you call their parent!

I joined the Air Force shortly after Beth and I were married, the kids came, they grew older (didn’t say they grew up) and the next thing you know 20 years have passed and the Air Force says I have to retire.  Great I say, wrong says the wife – now you need to get a “real job”  – What? Really? – evidently, so I am now the Service Parts Manager at a local RV dealership.


Collecting – besides dust, die cast cars, knives, pocket watches, bald eagle figures and oh yeah, Fountain PENS

Carl & Beth





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