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Remembrance ribbons I made for my husband and his staff to wear in memory of Declan at the 10/24/15 UMass/Toledo game Remembrance ribbons I made for my husband and his staff to wear in memory of Declan at the 10/24/15 UMass/Toledo game

October 27, 2010 was a dark day for those in my husband’s chosen profession of collegiate football videography. That afternoon, Declan Sullivan, a 20 year old student employee for the University of Notre Dame football team was filming a practice from a fully extended hydraulic scissor lift in questionable weather when a 50+ m.p.h. wind gust toppled the lift. It crashed through a fence and onto a street adjacent to the field; Declan died from his injuries shortly thereafter. When my husband texted me about the accident, I went online to learn more about it and felt physically sick when I saw pictures of the mangled scissor lift. I knew that a) this tragedy was completely avoidable and b) I thought about all the times Bill has been in scissor…

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Sheaffer Snorkel

Received this pen today from Rick Krantz – Nice writing experienceDSC01925

nice transaction.


Received this Sheaffer Snorkel from Rick Krantz – 19 Jul 13.  A nice smooth writing pen
It is a Admiral and pre 1956. This my third Sheaffer – the first was the 3rd generation School pen, then I got the Sheaffer Imperial II Deluxe and today the Sheaffer Snorkle- this I would have to categorize this as my first vintage pen as it is older than me, Like my Willys pickup truck circa 1956. I am a 1959 model. Says Shaeffer’s on the clip and a 1/4 in band on the cap on the barrel is engraved with the W. A. Sheaffer Pen Co etc – from the chart on Richard Binder’s site the I think it is an Admiral.  I also think it is a good sample. Tines were ever so slightly off, minor adjustment  later and it lost the tooth.

Scheaffer Imperial II Deluxe Fountain Pen



Purchased from Peyton Street Pens, Prompt delivery, excellent packaging and instructions provided for care and filling.  Did not flush pen but filled with ink, emptied and filled again – first writing was weak/diluted like the ink was water soaked, but the longer it wrote the better the feed has gotten.  Fine nib and is a nice wet line – It was a second due to a pit or two on the clip.  Fine with me – I am going to enjoy writing with it.


Carl Wood