Noodler’s Konrad Flex Fountain Pen – Sahara Olive/Black Ripple Ebonite

This ebonite fountain pen has a built-in screw piston mechanism and a steel flex nib. A great value for the money! The ebonite ripple patterns may vary.

Body Material:Rippled olive/black ebonite
Trim Material:Chrome
Nib Material:Stainless steel
Nib Size(s):Flexible
Cap Type:Screw-cap, postable
Filling Mechanism:Piston-fill
Compatible inks:Bottled ink only
WeightsOverall:18g (0.63oz)
Body:12g (0.42oz)Cap:6g (0.21oz)
LengthsOverall, closed:144mm (5.67in)
Overall, posted:161mm (6.34in)
Body:135mm (5.24in)Cap:65mm (2.56in)
Nib:22mm (0.87in)DiametersBody:12.6mm (0.5in)
Cap (no clip):14.3mm (0.56in)
Cap (w/ clip):18mm (0.71in)

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